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Paradise beach resort

Uncover Serenity at Paradise Beach Resort: Your Idyllic Beachfront Escape in Marumbi, Zanzibar

Escape to paradise at Paradise Beach Resort, an idyllic beachfront retreat located in the peaceful and laid-back Marumbi on the East Coast of Zanzibar. With 96 well-appointed rooms catering to all types of travelers, this resort offers a range of sizes and bed layouts, making it perfect for families and group travelers.

Indulge in the resort's exceptional facilities, including two large swimming pools and a children's pool, where guests can relax and soak up the sun. The resort also features a magical Jetty bar, three pool bars, and a lounge bar overlooking the Indian Ocean, providing various options for refreshments and relaxation.

Whether you're traveling as a couple, with friends, or as a family with children, Paradise Beach Resort offers an extensive array of amenities that cater to diverse needs. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings, embrace the tranquility, and create unforgettable memories.

Discover the essence of paradise at Paradise Beach Resort, where the dedication to exceptional service and the serene beachfront location combine to provide an unforgettable tropical getaway.

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In essence, Paradise Beach Resort presents a harmonious fusion of luxurious indulgence, serene tranquility, and heartfelt Zanzibari hospitality. Nestled within a captivating coastal landscape, it serves as the idyllic sanctuary for an extraordinary Zanzibari getaway. Allow us to guide you in crafting your dream stay at this captivating beachfront haven, tucked away in the heart of Zanzibar Island.