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Mwezi Boutique Resort

Discover Tranquility at Mwezi Resort: Your Beachfront Sanctuary in Zanzibar

Imagine Mwezi Resort as your idyllic island retreat in Zanzibar, offering a diverse range of charming accommodations - seven Full Moon Bungalows, six Moon Bungalows, three Pool Houses, and a Beach House. Each dwelling is thoughtfully located in a staggered-row layout, ensuring every guest can savor unique views and refreshing Indian Ocean breezes right from their open-air veranda. This beachfront paradise offers more than just a place to stay - it invites you to witness the sun or moon rising from the ocean, to lull yourself to sleep with the tranquil sea breeze, and to appreciate a secluded paradise under a canopy of stars. Whether you're falling asleep to the soothing whispers of the sea or waking up to the breathtaking ocean views, Mwezi Resort ensures a stay that celebrates the serenity and scenic beauty of Zanzibar Island.

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Planning a visit

In summary, Mwezi Resort offers a delightful blend of luxury, tranquility, and genuine Zanzibari warmth. Set within a breathtaking coastal landscape, it's the perfect sanctuary for an unforgettable Zanzibari retreat. We're here to assist you in planning your dream stay at this beachfront paradise, tucked away in the heart of Zanzibar Island.