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Jaferji House

Uncover Peace at Jafferji House: Your Historic Haven in Stone Town

Nestled amid Stone Town's historic streets, Jafferji House is your gateway to the soul of Zanzibar. Its prime location allows for easy exploration of nearby shops, restaurants, and iconic attractions. Greeted by warm Zanzibari hospitality upon arrival, guests immediately feel at home.

Painstakingly restored, Jafferji House reflects its original grandeur from 1913, harmoniously blended with modern comforts. Each of its ten individually themed rooms whispers tales of the Sultan era, brought to life through meticulously chosen furnishings and decor.

Common areas like courtyards and balconies serve as serene spaces to unwind, while the rooftop restaurant, offering a panoramic view of the ocean, promises a culinary adventure with every meal. As you navigate through the timeless charm of Stone Town, Jafferji House stands as a luxurious sanctuary, offering a unique blend of history, comfort, and Zanzibari hospitality. Experience the unforgettable allure of Zanzibar with Jafferji House as your home base. Welcome to Jafferji House!

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Planning a visit

In essence, Jafferji House offers a unique fusion of luxury, comfort, and genuine Zanzibari hospitality, enveloped in the rich tapestry of Stone Town's history. It's the perfect sanctuary for a memorable Zanzibari experience. Let us assist you in planning your dream stay at this historic gem, right in the heart of vibrant Stone Town.